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Modification of Terms

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Prohibited Conduct

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It is important to allow our professionals to provide the services were hired to provide. Do not stand over the moving technicians. We will allow you to make suggestions, but it will be under the discretion of the technicians'. Suggestions on how to move, load, or unload the trucks/pods are potentially asking for damages to occur and we (High Tech Movers Llc) will not be liable for any said damages.

It is important to have a substantial amount of moving pads and shrink wrap to complete your move. Otherwise, there may be accidental losses that we (High Tech Movers Llc) shall not be liable.

Tips are accepted and appreciated by our professionals, please tip our professionals, if your budget allows. (Example: 18% of the total bill for each person)

Our standard rates are hourly and vary on the number of crew members on a job site.

  • 2-hour minimum on all load or unload, (plus fuel on moves with travels over the 30-mile radius of the zip code 70056). 

  • 3-hour minimum on all load and unload, (plus fuel on moves with travels over the 30-mile radius of the zip code 70056). 

  • Local Move w/Truck - Rates are calculated by CBF.

A minimum deposit of 30% on all moves. The final payment is due upon the completion of the job details and will be billed to the card we have on file unless you provide a different card than on file. Payments shall be in the form of either payment codes, vouchers, coupons, and debit/credit cards. We do not accept checks or cash as a form of payment. 

All estimations based on the information given to us. The estimate advises you of the approximate cost and enables us to arrange the mover’s schedule. The assessment is providing your home being packed and ready to be moved. The actual time spent on the job will reflect the actual charge. The company reserves the right to require an additional man when (in our professional opinion) needed. The cost of the new man is the responsibility of the customer.

Time starts once we arrive. The company will not be liable for any wait time for the client to get a truck, or any other delays (such as congested streets or highways). To avoid being charged additional fees for wait time, notify us at a minimum of one hour before the scheduled time to arrange a later start time.

Afternoon appointments are tentative plans and are subject to change, due to delays in morning jobs.


The company is not liable for any boxed items that we did not pack.

The company shall not be responsible for items constructed of pressed wood and pieces of glass unless adequately protected. The company is not liable for jewelry, paper, and coined money, documents, furs, collectibles, or anything of sentimental value. It is the customer's responsibility to remove all items of this nature.

The company shall not be responsible for Internal damages to any electrical equipment incurred during the move including, but not limited to

  • Appliances

  • Televisions

  • Stereos

  • Pianos

  • Organs

  • Clocks

These items need to be tuned/balanced after a move; this is the responsibility of the customer.

If the company is not providing driving assistance to the customers' rental truck, the company is not liable for damages incurred during transit.

The company is not responsible for items damaged due to lack of moving pads and shrink wrap or tie downs.

As a courtesy, we will disconnect washers, dryers, and refrigerators, that do not require electrical work or are gas-operated. (We will not accept liability for any loss or damage resulting from this service).

Any loss or damaged items must be reported to HighTechMovers, LLC within 30 days from the date of the move. HighTechMovers, LLC will repair damaged elements that are not listed inside our exclusion or reimbursed at $0.60 cents per pound per item as determined by the US DOT standard weights and measures. (We do offer declared value 2.00 per lbs coverage for a small additional fee. Ask agent for more details or see details below). There will be no payment for any repairs made by anyone other than HighTechMovers, LLC, or without our permission.

Important Notice: Any and all items more than 300 Lbs. but under 500 Lbs are not covered unless declared additional coverage by HTM is purchased before the load/unload. You may purchase full coverage insurance from an outside source. 

The customer is required to prepare and protect all household property such as wood floors, carpet, walls, doorways, and similar to prevent damages during the move. HighTechMovers, LLC can offer this service for an additional $150.00 fee.

The company shall not be liable for items damaged moved by the customer even in conjunction with our movers.

The company shall not be responsible for oversized item(s) that the client request moved if our professional opinion believes it cannot be moved safely or without damage to the home.

Our movers will provide standard assembly and dismantling service for common household goods such as beds and mirrors. This service is a courtesy, and we shall not be held liable. Assembly and dismantling of non-common items such as waterbeds, luxurious bedding, and furniture are an additional $75.00 fee.

Typically we recommend a minimum of 7 days notice, however, the amount of notice required often varies on the type of move, when the move will take place (e.g. Summer, Winter) and flexibility of the customer. There are times when we can provide same day service and others where we would need 5-10 days' notice. You should always provide as much notice as possible, especially if you have specific time limitations (e.g. such as a private elevator) or if your move date falls at the end/beginning of the month. You will also want to take the busy season into consideration. The beginning/end of May, June, July, and August tend to be the most demanded moving dates and will require notice.

What if I Pre-Paid Hours and the Job Goes Over?

If the pre-arranged times have arrived thus has ended the original contract. Thus, mean all payment codes, cash payments, or debit/credit cards must render at that point. Our services can continue past the initial contract providing a new contract. At that time, a debit/credit card information must go on file (we will not charge until the completion of the job), or we can provide a link via email, which needs payment as soon as it is received.

How do I know if the movers will show up?

Sadly, unreliability is sometimes familiar with moving companies and moving labor providers. Fortunately, HighTechMovers, LLC is not your typical moving labor provider, and reliability is one of our top priorities. Our work ethics, morals, and characteristics allow us to ensure you, that your crew will show up on your moving day, ready to work.

Are our items insured?

Yes, all the elements covered under the US DOT standard weights and measurements of $.60 cents per pound per item. This coverage is free of charge. We do offer the Declared Value coverage at an additional coverage fee.

Declared Replacement Coverage up to $5000 - cost $150.00

(The additional coverage will also cover in transit on all moves that High Tech Movers, LLC provide transportation services).

What is the inclement weather policy?

Everyone hopes for good climatic conditions on his or her moving day. Unfortunately, cold weather is always a possibility. We currently have two variations on our climate policy, both outlined below.

Less than ideal weather: For situations that are not considered severe, such as rain, the customer has the option to reschedule their move. It is important to take into account the potential for damage to the home and household items as a result of running in inclement weather. Please remember that reschedules are based on availability and we cannot guarantee service will be available on the following day. Additionally, reschedule requests must still be made within a reasonable period to avoid charges of a “No Show Fee.” If you expect that inclement weather is possible on your move day, we recommend rescheduling, at least, one day before your scheduled date to avoid additional fees.

Severe Weather: In more serious situations, such lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes, and tropical storms; the decision to reschedule a move is at the discretion of our local project manager. We have no desires to inconvenience anyone, but if the weather is severe enough to create dangerous conditions, then it is not reasonable to move, even at the customers’ request. We will take every measure to reschedule all customers based on availability and the customers’ preference.

Standard Order Cancellation: A $75 cancellation fee per order required for all orders that are booked and confirmed, regardless of when canceled. Cancellation requests submitted within 12 hours of scheduled service are responsible for the 'No Show Fee' in addition to the $75 cancellation fee. The $75.00 price will subtract from your original deposit amount, and the remaining balance will refund within 3-5 business days.

"Pending" Status - Short Term Cancel: If your situation has changed and you are no longer sure of your moving dates or destination you may opt to move your reservation to pending status. Pending will cancel your current order(s) and allow them to be rescheduled at any time within 30 days without penalty. Orders can reschedule at any location within the 100-mile radius. For example, if you originally scheduled your moving crew for New Orleans, Louisiana but instead decide to move to Biloxi, Mississippi you may still utilize the same order.

Same Day Cancellation: If you placed an order and required same day service we will do everything possible to accommodate your request. We require a $150.00 deposit at the time of booking; if we cannot supply a crew, your deposit will refund. However, if a team is confirmed and you cancel, there are no refunds.

No Show Fee: Cancellation requests submitted within 12 hours of your scheduled service are responsible for a $75.00 'No Show Fee' in addition to the $75 cancellation fee. The $150.00 price will subtract from your original deposit amount, and the remaining balance will refund within 3-5 business days.

Items Covered

Despite the long list of exclusions and limitations, we do provide coverage for things that we knowingly or without dispute damage. Released Valuation Coverage on all items dropped or damaged on-site while in possession of our movers, assuming they do not meet any of the exclusions above, and unless DVC exist.

Claim Remedies

Assuming the steps followed correctly, and the damaged item(s) not listed on the excluded list, HighTechMovers, LLC will have the option to repair the damaged item if it is a viable option. If the item is beyond repair, a payout based on Released Valuation coverage of $0.60/lb will be made for the published weight of the topic unless additional coverage purchased, then that policy will apply. Once a claim form is submitted (applications beyond 30 days of the initial move will not honor), HighTechMovers, LLC and our insurers will have four up to eight weeks to notify you of their decision to repair the item or make a payout.