• Shae Ben

Getting to that Stressfree Move

Updated: Mar 4

Planning and Preparation are the two most important factors when making your move more simple and stressfree. Let's keep it real! There are so many individuals out there who fail to plan their move. This will not only make your move stressful, but it will also leave room for much-unwanted complications.

Schedule your moving crew at least a week ahead of time to ensure the time you desire to move is available. So many times, we have witnessed customers calling a day before the move wanting a morning time slot. The closer it is to the moving season, the more the desired time is unlikely to happen unless you give the proper notifications. Remember "the early bird catches the worm"

Packing is more than throwing items into a box. There's an art to it. Like making sure you have the right size boxes for the items you will be packing; along with the right amount of packing paper, or bubble wrap to protect the items being stored. In Addition, it is important that you do not overstuff your boxes with heavy items. Professionals are human too, I'm sure you don't want to witness their backs giving away!! It is also important to close any open gaps with paper to avoid shifting as well as assisting the box to hold a sturdy form for proper stacking.

Wall, Floor, and Door Protection: You can easily protect these items by using packing boxes or moving blankets. It is both easy and inexpensive.

Just by following these few tips can make your move less stressful and more simple.

By Shae Ben

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