• Shae Ben

Groupon - Now What?

Updated: 2 days ago

Every day I get approximately 10-12 calls a day asking how do I use my Groupon, or what service do I receive for my Groupon? So, here it is!!! Finally, I created a blog to tell you what you will receive and how to apply it.

About Groupon- Groupon is one of the third-party sources we use to advertise our services, at the same time give back to our community by offering a discount.

Cost $89 - Value $150 ($61 Savings)

Typically, the Groupon will cover the cost of either a load, unload, or an Internal move. Yet, you may apply the Groupon to any package. All that is left to do, is pay the remaining balance. (Additional fees may apply, so make sure you check the add-ons).

Limited 1 Per Household.

(504) 689-5025

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