Everyone is looking for that perfect move. You know, the one that leaves you totally stressed-free. Time and time again, we seem to believe that the classic move will never happen. That assumption is far from the truth. We would like to give you some pointers on, how to better prepare for your move. If you follow these steps, your outcome will end with a realistic move-swing.

One of the biggest mistakes many of us seem to do is procrastinate the planning of the move. We will put everything to the side until a day or two before move date. Then we are scuffling to find someone to help us move, or shoving those last minute items into plastic trash bags because we failed to give ourselves adequate time to pack. Did you know this is the biggest risk in destroying your belongings?


Step One - Plan your move a month or two ahead of time. Figure out what day you have to leave your current residence, and when your new home will be ready for you to move in. Decide if you have the budget to hire professionals to move your items, or if you can convince some of your loved ones to assist you.

Step Two - If you find that you have the budget for professional movers, do your homework. Shop around. Find the perfect company that will fit your every need. The biggest, ASK QUESTIONS.

Step Three - Pack ahead of time. Again, last minute packing can cause damage. Take the time to get the right amount of boxes, tape, paper, and bubble wrap. You might think about color coding your boxes; this will allow items in their proper destination on the unload.

Step Four - Have the proper equipment to assist with your move such as hand trucks, moving pads (A dozen pads to each 5ft of space).

Last, be considerate. No one likes moving day, and if you are considerate, those surrounding you will be considerate as well.

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